Batch and Timer Control PBC6300

Batch and Timer Control
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PBC6300 Batch and Timer ControllerThe PBC6300 Programmable Batch & Timer Control provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water needed for a batch and turns on three timers. Carlon’s Batch & Timer Control eliminates the need for manual measurement and assures proper mixing each time for the desired blended amount. Pushing the start button starts both the batch processing equipment and timers. The timers, independently programmed, will start when the batch starts and shutoff at the programmed time. The PBC6300 also has a built-in totalizer that keeps track of the total incoming pulse signals from the water meter. This can provide valuable history on water volume usage if required.

PBC 6300 Series – Batch and Timer Control

PBC6300 Batch and Triple Timer Control 7″ 5″ 3.5″ 2.5 LBS