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Programmable Pump
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Timer ControlThe Carlon Programmable Pump Control is suitable for all types of applications where the feeding of chemicals in proportion to water use is desired. The Pump Control includes both an input counter for counting the impulses received from the JSJ Electric Contacting Meter and a Timer(s) for operating the Chemical Feed Pump/Valve for the desired length of time. Both are adjustable as required for the application.
A typical system includes the JSJ Series Electric Contacting Meter and a Programmable Pump Control electrically connected to a chemical feed pump, solenoid valve or water softener.

Offering These Advantages

  • Chemical feed in direct proportion to water used
  • Automatic compensation for variations in water flow based on pulse signals from the JSJ meter
  • Easy adjustment of the desired length of the timer output signal
  • Easy adjustment of the gallons per contact and the length of the timer signal

PPC Series – Feed Pump Control

PPC5003 Triple Counter & Triple Timer 3 1/2″ 7″ 5″ 2.4 LBS