Product Returns/RMA

Product Returns/RMA Policy [PDF]

Position Statement:Carlon Meter, Inc. ® (hereinafter, the company) strives to work cooperatively with every customer. We greatly value the business and relationships of all customers. We understand that from time to time a customer may find it necessary to return Carlon Meter® products to the company. To ensure equitable handling of all product return aspects, the company has adapted the following policy that shall be uniformly applied to all customers, without discrimination.

Scope:Only new, unused, catalogued, and inventoried Carlon Meter® products may be returned to the company for return consideration. Products manufactured for a specific order may not receive any credit. Upon inspection by Carlon Meter® personnel, any product deemed as having been used to any degree will not be eligible for any customer credit.

Return Credit Schedule:Upon inspection, any product deemed to be completely new, unused, catalogued, and inventoried as a stock item will be, at the customer’s request, considered for a return credit applicable to future purchases only. The following is the product return credit schedule that will apply:

(1) Product Aging Category
Customer Credit
0 – 90 days
91 – 180 days
181 days **

(1) from the date of Carlon invoice to the customer for the specific product in question.

(**) Returns for credit will not be granted for invoices older than 181 days.

Decisions: All decisions of the company are final.  The disposition of all product return requests will be communicated to the customer via written correspondence within 30 days of receipt of the product in question.

Credit Procedure: Carlon Meter® will credit all approved product returns via a credit memo which the customer may apply against future orders. The credit value must be used within 12 months from the date of the credit memo.

Return Procedure: Customer/Representative/Distributor is to call Carlon Meter® to obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning any product. The RMA number should be shown on the outside of all shipping containers as well as on the accompanying packing slip. Failure to obtain and provide an RMA number will result in significant processing delays for both repair/diagnosis of the product and the issuing of any subsequent credit. Issuing of an RMA number does not guarantee the acceptance of stock if criteria is not met.