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Carlon Slow Closing Ball Valve
You know the damaging effects of water hammer in your system. Leaking, noisy pipes and broken meters are commonplace. Want a reliable, economical solution?

Carlon’s 2-way full port ball valves to the rescue featuring electric actuators and available in ¾”– 2” sizes.

Why choose a 2-way full port slow closing ball valve over a standard valve? It’s all about the value because only slow closing valves should be used on water lines reducing water hammer… Specify Carlon’s 2-way full port slow closing ball valves and achieve outstanding performance.

Carlon Valve Details

Materials: 3/4” through 2”: 304 Stainless steel body with EPDM Seals (NSF61-G Listed)
Electrical Connection: 19″ 3-wire cable
Ambient Temperature: Maximum 122° F
Media Temperature: Maximum 248° F
Pressure Range: 1.5 – 145 PSI
Operating Voltages: 120V Standard. Others available upon request
Protection Class: IP 65 PPO Housing