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Batch ControllerThe Carlon Programmable Batch Controller (PBC) provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water desired for a batch, and an actuating signal to activate the batch processing equipment. The Batch Control eliminates the need for manual measurement and assures proper mixing each time in the desired amount. Batch Control is initiated by the operator pressing the Batch “Start” button. This activates a valve and/or any other batch process equipment such as a chemical pump. The Batch Controller includes an Input Counter for counting the impulses received from the electric contacting water meter, which measures the amount of water to be added to the batch. When the desired amount of water is reached for the batch, the controller automatically turns the pump off and/or closes the valve completing the batch cycle. The size of the batch can be easily varied as needed by programming the counter.

PBC Series – Batch Controller

PBC Batch Controller 6.7″ 3.1″ 2.6″ 1.0 LBS