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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what size meter I need?

You determine this not by matching pipe size, but rather by the flow rate of the water moving through the water line. Once you know your flow rate as measured by gallons per minute (gpm), you may then click on the “Technical Specification” icon at the top of this page. Each meter technical specification page defines maximum flow rates that our meters will handle. Please be advised that continual operation of a meter at/or close to the maximum gpm capacity defined may reduce the functional life of the meter. Carlon offers meters from ½” – 20”.

How do I correctly install my Carlon meter?

•Flush the line thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of foreign material reaching the meter and in-line valves.

• Install horizontally, register facing up and the meter inlet port facing the water supply line.

•Provide the following minimum length of straight unobstructed pipe section upstream of meter as follows:


Inlet path – one bend = 10 x diameter

Valves = 12 x diameter

Two bends or one tee and one bend or 

bends at random = 25 x diameter

MRS Metercrop.jpg
JLP METERcrop.jpg

Can I install the meter vertically or in an inclined orientation?

Model dependent, it is recommended that you install your Carlon Meter horizontally with the register facing up and the meter inlet port facing the water supply line.

Can I install my Carlon meter outdoors?

Carlon Meters are not designed and/or intended for outdoor use. However, we know that many of our customers are installing our meter products outdoors without complication.

What happens if I install my Carlon meter outdoors, vertically or in an inclined orientation?

Doing so may void the terms and conditions of the Carlon product warranty.

How do I read my Carlon meter?

You read the meter register in much the same way you would read an automobile odometer. Depending on the size of your Carlon Meter, you will see either one or two fixed black numeral zeroes on the meter register face. 

Accordingly, if a meter register reads 01234 and then a single fixed numeral zero, then 12,340 gallons of water have passed through the meters measuring chamber. Similarly, if a meter register shows 01234 and then two fixed numeral zeroes, then 123,400 gallons of water have passed through the meter measuring chamber.

JL METERcrop.jpg

How do I go about ordering Carlon products?

Phone: (616)842-0420 
for dealers in your area.

I would like to return a Carlon product to you for inspection, evaluation and/or repair. What is the procedure?

Call us at 616 842 0420 and we will obtain your name, company name, product(s) being returned, and reason for return. You will then be issued a Returned Materials Authorization number (RMA). You may also do this electronically by e-mailing us at and providing us with all of the noted required information. 

Once we have all required information, we will issue you an RMA number via e-mail. If your Carlon product was purchased through one of our Dealers, that Dealer will be pleased to handle this procedure for you. All returns are subject to a re-stocking fee in accordance with our current policy-contact us for details.

I think my meter is jammed. I would like to inspect my meter measuring chamber for debris myself. Is this possible?

Yes it is. Please notify us by calling
616 842 0420, or

e- mailing us at 

and we will provide a step-by-step procedure for you to follow.

Also, your Dealer can provide you with this procedure. 

Please be advised that any damage to the meter as a result of being serviced in the field will void the Carlon's product warranty.

What is the benefit of installing a Carlon's slow closing ball valve?

Carlon's slow closing ball valves are designed to eliminate water hammer damage in your lines. Over time, water hammer will destroy water meters, valves, pipes, etc.
E- mail us at or call us at (616)842-0420 for dealers in your area. Also, your local Dealer can handle your questions regarding Carlon valves for you.

What is the benefit of installing a strainer?

Y-type strainers are commonly built with a stainless steel reinforced 40 mesh screen that will trap particulate matter in your lines that would otherwise reach the meter measuring chamber, likely resulting in the chamber jamming. Keep in mind that any meter damage resulting from particulate matter in your line is not covered under the terms and conditions of the Carlon's product warranty.

How often should
a meter be calibrated?

AWWA recommended intervals for positive displacement and multijet type meters are:

5/8” size(s) - 10 years

3/4” size - 8 years

1” size - 6 years

11⁄2”size -4years

2” size - 4 years

Where do I send the meter to be calibrated?

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